What is Affiliates Marketing?

If you own a blog or a website, you can earn commision by promoting our services in your blog/website.

After signup with us , you will be given a link that you can put in your website.

If any of your website visitors click on that link, it will be tracked by our system. Anytime within 90 days, if the user makes an order with us, you will earn a commsion.

How to get started ?



Registering only takes a minute and you’ll receive access after a quick approval on our end.

Generate your links


Create as many affiliate links as you like and point them anywhere on our site or blog.

Earn money


As soon as your links convert you’ll be credited with your referral commission.

How much do I earn ?

     - We pay 60% commision for any sale you refer to us. This offer covers all our hosting plans.

- For example, if the visitor you refer to us make an order to buy "Pro Plan", we will be paid 124€. After a period of 35 days, if the user is still with us and his order is not flagged as fraud, then you will be paid 74.4€ . The commision amount is calculated as following: sale amount x 60% = 124€ x %60 = 74.4€.