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All our hosting plans come with Cpanel control panel. Using Cpanel, you will be able to create FTP accounts, administer your databases using PHPMyAdmin, create email accounts and much more.

FREE Website Builder 

We offer a free website building tool with all our hosting plans. Using our tool, you will be able to create your website in couple of minutes. We offer 195 FREE website templates. You have the choice to use any template. 

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We do offer online chat support for existing customers. Our support team is here to reply to all your questions related to Sales, Invoicing, Services & Technical issues

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We offer an excellent web hosting service


Our hosting plans are really affordable . With couple of dollars a month , you could run your website in our servers.

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Our support team is always available to help you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


Our servers are located in one of the best data centers in the world. The company assures 99.99% uptime across all hosting plans.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You have a 30 days money back guarantee! Contact us within 30 days from your payment and we'll refund you completely.

Cpanel Features

Cpanel File Related Features

FTP Accounts: Use the FTP Accounts interface to manage File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts.

Directory Privacy: Use the Directory Privacy interface to limit access to certain resources on your website. Enable this feature to password-protect specific directories that you do not want to allow visitors to access.

File Manager: Use File Manager to upload, create, remove, and edit files without the need for FTP or other third-party applications.

Database Related Features:

PHPMyAdmin: is a tool that you can use to manipulate MySQL databases.

MySQL Databases: Use MySQL Databases interface to manage databases linked to your websites. Many web-based applications (for example Joomla) require database access.

Remote MySQL: Use Remote MySQL interface to configure databases that users can access remotely. 

Domain Related Features:

Subdomains: Subdomains are subsections of your website. For example, you can create a subdomain for your blog that visitors can access through http://blog.example.com and http://www.example.com/blog.

Aliases: Use Aliases interface to create domain aliases. Domain Aliases allow you to point additional domain names to your account's existing domains. 

Redirects: Use Redirects interface to make a specific webpage redirect to another webpage and display its contents.

Email Features:

Email Accounts: Use Email Accounts interface to manage the email account for your domains.

Forwarders: se Forwarders interface to allow you to forward any incoming email from one address to another.

Metrics Features:

Visitors: Use Visitors interface to view the most recent entries in the Apache log for a given domain.

Bandwith: Use Bandwidth interface to view your site's monthly and overall bandwidth usage.

Raw Access: Use Raw Access interface to view visitors to your website without graphs, charts, or other graphics.f

Security Features:

SSH: Use SSH Access interface to securely connect to your sever remotely through the command line.

IP Blocker: Use IP Blocker interface to prevent access to your site from a range of IP addresses.

HotLinks Protection: Use Hotlink Protection interface to prevent hotlinks to your websites.

HotLinks Protection: Use Hotlink Protection interface to prevent hotlinks to your websites.

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